Align what you do with who you are

Boost will help you take control over your own success and happiness. You will embark on a deep self discovery journey to awaken your passion and create new perspectives. You will define clear objectives which can be either professional or personal and build up a plan to overachieve them while remaining motivated. 


Your coach will offer a partnership to guide you, challenge you and encourage you throughout this process so we can get you where you want to be and even further.

My role as your coach

As your coach, I am trained to bring out the best in you. I will help identifying your strengths and working in your purpose.

My role is to hear your concerns and challenges without judgement and then help you make effective choices.

I will look for areas where you may be holding yourself back and will share observations with you to help you get out of your own way. I will ask questions to help you create your personal vision of success and then hold you accountable to that vision.

You will have a shoulder to lean on if you falter, get stuck, or are discouraged, and I will help you learn and grow from that experience.

You will have a trusted partner to help you create and implement your personalized action plan as you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.

All along your coaching journey, you will grow and develop personal leadership skills as I will stretch you out of your comfort zone.

And most importantly, you will have a partner who has the heart to truly want you to succeed.


What can Boost help you with?


Boost your Life

  • Life planning

  • Understanding personal aims and goals

  • Life vision and enhancement

  • Self-care and self-awareness

  • Developing spirituality

  • Improving relationships (singles, couples, families, etc.)

  • Reaching health and fitness goals

  • Developing or exploring creativity

  • Gaining financial freedom

  • Improving personal organisation

  • Stress management

  • Parenting

• Finding a fulfilling career

• Returning to work after a break
• Returning to work after illness
• Returning to work when your circumstances have

changed ie: your family has changed or you have

experienced a personal loss
• You want to change or develop your career
• You need more money / challenges in your job
• You have been promoted and need some support

• You have a difficult relationship at work .i.e

with a manager/colleague
• You want to set up your own business
• You want to begin something completely different

• You are not sure about your next move

• Empowering individuals and encouraging them to develop and take responsibility

• Increasing employee and staff engagement
• Improving individual performance
• Helping identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities
• Helping to motivate and empower individuals to excel

• Supporting an employee stepping up in their new position e.g succession, promotion...

• Improving alignment and communication

• Supporting Entrepreneurs and small business owners in their business growth and development as well as in their personal journey


Boost your Business


Boost your Career