Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called "energy healing". The word Reiki could be translated as "universal life force energy".

This technique is based on the idea that the energy that flows through us, our consciousness, is in fact what makes us live. Each of our cells vibrates at a certain frequency in order to activate and coordinate the events within our body. 

I am sure you have heard of the body vibration frequency. 

If one's vibration frequency is low, they are more likely to get sick or feel stressed, while if it is high, they are more likely to be happy and healthy.

Our bodies have a natural electromagnetic frequency that they prefer to resonate with. When all levels of the body are in harmony with this frequency, communication is smooth and powerful. The body loses its effectiveness in healing and maintaining homeostasis when the lines of communication within the body are disrupted. These disruptions or energy blocks occur when we store energy that is out of tune with our natural resonance. 

As a result of traumatic events, emotional wounds, accumulated memories and beliefs, and much more, we create energetic knots which are like out of tune instruments that disrupt our inner symphony.

When a body receives Reiki energy, it is as if these dissonances were coming to light so they can be released and harmony can be restored. 

Once the body has chosen what it is ready to address, it can release the stored energy at a cellular level connected with the imbalance. The cells then begin functioning as intended and the healing occurs on a physical as well as emotional, mental and physical level.

The body does not need to be aware of the beliefs and memories it is working with, which is one of the reasons Reiki can be so effective. Many of our strongly held beliefs were developed in early childhood, even in fetal life. 

Although Reiki is traditionally used as a healing system, it is therefore also extremely effective in helping individuals increase self-awareness and personal growth.

The client simply needs to ensure that as the releases occur, they are aware of the process and allow themselves to let go of what's no longer serving them. 

After that, the body vibrates to a more natural state, harmony and peace on all levels can be restored.


What is Reiki?

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"How did you feel before the distance Reiki session? 

Highly strung. Emotional, stressed and confused. 


How did you feel after your session? 

Much more relaxed and at ease. I felt like a weight had been lifted.
What did you think of the 'feedback' you received from the Reiki practitioner after the session?  

It was very in depth and made a lot of sense. It was the most detailed/helpful feedback I’ve received from a reiki session. You gave good advice in terms of what to do moving forwards to help as well.

Do you think you'd do it again or recommend it to a friend? 

Yes I would do it again, and would like to do it soon. I would recommend it to a friend. 

I didn’t know that distance reiki was a thing and was a little skeptical at first as I’ve always done in person reiki and wasn’t sure how it could be done from afar. But I felt the impact, I noticed when the session had finished (without reading the message). I’m convinced of the connection now and of the benefit." 

— Niamh, UK

"Durant la séance Clarity Margot m’a poussé à la réflexion et m’a guidé afin que je comprenne par moi même « quel était le pourquoi du comment »
Je souhaitais en sortant de cette séance avoir les idées claires et ça a vraiment été le cas.
La séance de reiki était une première pour moi et j’avoue avoir été assez déconcertée par certaines sensations pendant et après, le résultat est que cela m’a fait un bien fou."

— Julie, France

"Merci Margot, heureuse d’avoir partagé ce moment avec toi.


J’ai eu beaucoup de frissons dans les épaules qui descendaient dans le dos, mes mains ont chauffé et j’ai vraiment ressenti un effet relaxant et serein.


Tu es excellente, j’ai énormément apprécié ta façon de faire et d’être, et ta voix est super douce et aide à la relaxation.


Bref un mot : Merci !"

— Aude, Scotland

« Après mon accouchement j’avais besoin de me recentrer sur moi même et mes émotions. Je me sentais épuisée et sans énergie positive.
La séance de reiki m’a permise de me poser et me ressourcer pour avancer plus sereinement et positivement »

— Audrey, France

"Margot did an emergency Reiki session for me yesterday and oh my god! I am immensely grateful to her to have done this session when I had debilitating anxiety. It was really hard, it was a really hard day. To work on my energy and to do the session really helped me tremendously. I was all over the place, was feeling super anxious and to be honest I’m not kidding, I’m not saying that just because she’s nice but my anxiety just disappeared and I haven’t felt it afterwards!"

— Salome, France

"The session was emotional and insightful."

— Milena, UK

"It was really powerful!"

— Margaux, France

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