A Full Moon Reiki Meditation to Let Go
26 May, 18:00
Online event

The two-in-one Reiki meditation technique deftly combines the healing powers of both meditation and Reiki. The benefits accruing from them increase manifold as a consequence of synergy generated by blending them together.

What keeps Reiki meditation apart from other meditation forms is its unique ability to strengthen the innate healing capability of the practitioner and its receivers.

How did you feel before the Private distance Reiki session?

Highly strung. Emotional, stressed and confused.


How did you feel after your Private session?

Much more relaxed and at ease. I felt like a weight had been lifted.

Do you think you'd do it again or recommend it to a friend?

Yes I would do it again, and would like to do it soon. I would recommend it to a friend.

I didn’t know that distance reiki was a thing and was a little sceptical at first as I’ve always done in person reiki and wasn’t sure how it could be done from afar. But I felt the impact, I noticed when the session had finished (without reading the message). I’m convinced of the connection now and of the benefit.